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Green Mortgage

Whether you are buying a home, starting a self-build, or are an existing homeowner you can now save money on your mortgage as well as heating and electricity bills if you have a sustainable, energy-efficient home.

There are now a number of green mortgage options available to both new applicants and existing mortgage holders. In order to avail of these discounted rates, you will require a BER certificate for your house.

AE solutions can provide the following services:

  • BER certification for your new home
  • Energy assessment of your existing home including upgrade recommendations on how to bring your house up to the required BER rating to avail of the Green rate
  • Guidance on SEAI home energy grant schemes and measures you may qualify for in order to upgrade your home

We’ll help you upgrade your home, making it warmer and more energy-efficient which will reduce your annual expenditure on heating, electricity, and mortgage repayments.


Green mortgage options


AIB Green mortgage 5 Year Fixed Rate is available to you if:
  • You are a new customer building or buying your home (Private Dwelling Home mortgage) with a BER ratng between A1 and B3.
  • You already have a mortgage loan with us, your home has a BER rating between A1 and B3 and you’ve more than five years left on the loan.
  • You already have a mortgage loan with us and you want to top it up to get your home to a BER rating between A1 and B3.

How to Apply

Already have a mortgage with AIB?

  • Fill out your details and complete section two of the Mortgage Amendment form, sign it and send it back to us with your BER certificate.
  • There are some terms and conditions that you will be made aware of on the form.
  • AIB customer support team can help you on 1890 252 008.


Applying for a mortgage?

  • Tell our mortgage adviser that you want the Green 5 Year Fixed Rate. They’ll make sure it’s part of your contract with us.
  • Send us a copy of the BER cert for the property before you take out the loan.
  • If applying online simply choose this rate as an option.




Bank of Ireland

You can now apply for Bank of Ireland’s Green Mortgage fixed interest rate.

The Green Mortgage fixed interest rate is a discount of 0.20% off any of our fixed-rate options ranging from 1 to 10 years. You can avail of the discounted fixed rate when you start your mortgage where

(a) the property you are buying or building has or will have a Building Energy Efficiency Rating (BER) of A3 or better

(b) you draw down your new mortgage by 30 June 2020. (At the end of your initial fixed-rate period you can choose from the normal interest rate options available to existing customers at that stage.)

You can get the Green Mortgage fixed interest rate if (a) you are borrowing to buy or build a home for yourself or your family or an investment property to let, as long as the property has a BER rating of A3 or better, or (b) if you are topping up an existing mortgage with us to upgrade your property to achieve a BER rating of A3 or better (the Green Mortgage fixed interest rate will only apply to the top-up Equity Release and not to the existing loan).

We have terms and conditions for this Green Mortgage fixed interest rate, see here.


Source: https://personalbanking.bankofireland.com/borrow/mortgages/green-mortgage