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Improve your BER

There are some smaller changes you can make which will also result in energy savings and an improved BER.

Replace or seal old windows

Single-glazed windows tend to be lose a lot of heat. In many cases, draught-stripping will improve this but secondary glazing or complete window replacement can return highest overall savings.

Choose low energy lighting

Replace old inefficient bulbs with low-energy light bulbs for a noticeable improvement in electricity bills.

Check your ventilation

Try to reduce draughts and install a chimney balloon in your fireplace when it’s not in use to keep heat in. Older vents may need replacing to encourage better airflow.

Get a lagging jacket

A thick lagging jacket for your hot water cylinder will keep your water warmer for longer, improving your BER and saving you money.

General Advice on Energy Use in Your Home

The way we use energy in our homes can reduce energy consumption. Some simple
everyday measures will save money, improve comfort and reduce your impact on the
environment. Some of these are outlined below.

Appliances: New kitchen appliances carry an energy rating label that rates energy
efficiency on a scale of A to G. When buying new appliances look for A-rated products
that are more energy-efficient and cost less to run. Do not under or overload
appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines. For washing machines, a
40ºC rather than a 60ºC wash cycle cut electricity use by approximately a third.
(Modern washing powders and detergents can work equally effectively at lower
temperatures.) Defrost your freezer regularly to save energy and extend the operating
life. Equipment on standby uses up to 20% of the energy it would use when fully on.
When an appliance is not in use, turn it off fully.

Lighting: Avail of natural daylight whenever possible and avoid leaving electric lights
switched on in unoccupied rooms. All lighting lamps carry an energy label similar to
that on appliances (i.e. an A to G label) so always choose the most efficient to suit
your particular needs.

Useful Links and Sources of Further Information

Useful energy saving tips are available on www.change.ie (Tel. 1890 242643) and

For specific queries on BER please contact SEAI on 1890734237
or by email info@ber.seai.ie.

There are many useful documents available on The
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI) website www.seai.ie

The most recent Technical Guidance Documents for the Building Regulations and
other supporting documents are available from the Department of Environment,
Heritage and Local Government website www.environ.ie on the link to Building
Standards (Tel. 1890 202021).

Some of these documents are listed below.
Technical Guidance Document Part L Conservation of Fuel and Energy – Dwellings;
Technical Guidance Document Part J Heat Producing Appliances;
Technical Guidance Document Part F Ventilation.

When performing building works it is important to take the correct health and safety
measures. Useful health and safety information on ventilation, radon and combustion
devices can be found on the Carbon Monoxide safety website:
www.carbonmonoxide.ie Tel. 1850797979 and The Radiological Protect Institute of
Ireland website www.rpii.ie/radon Tel. 01 269 77 66