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Solar PV scheme

The domestic solar photovoltaic (PV) scheme supports the installation of solar PV panels on homes for the generation and self-consumption of renewable electricity.

AE solutions can carry out both a pre works BER to check you are eligible for the scheme and a post-works BER for the declaration of works form.

The key learnings from the first 16 months of the scheme:

  • Applicants were often installing larger capacity systems than their needs; installing 2.8kWp systems on average whereas less than 2kWp is appropriate for the average Irish home. Grant amounts should be rebalanced to steer homeowners to smaller systems with higher levels of self-consumption.
  • Prices for battery systems have dropped considerably from starting price of over €3,000 to now around €2,000.
  • A fundamental principle of all building upgrades is energy efficiency first. Some homeowners were installing solar PV on homes with very low building energy ratings. Poorer performing homes will typically benefit more from insulation or heating upgrades. Grants for these measures are also available from SEAI.

The scheme details are as follows:

  • Support for 0-2kWp of solar €900 per kWp installed
  • Support for 2-4kWp of solar €300 per kWp installed
  • Support for battery €600
  • To be eligible the home energy performance post-works must be BER C or better

So, for example, someone installing a typical 2kWp system will receive a €1,800 grant. While someone installing a larger 4kWp system with a battery will receive a €3,000 grant. An appropriately sized system will typically pay back the cost, net of grant, in around ten years.

Since the scheme started, over €3.5 million in grants have been paid towards over 1,500 domestic PV systems with an installed capacity of over 5,000 kWp. In the same period, the number of registered PV installers has increased from 13 to over 100, with new companies continuing to register with the scheme.

To date, this successful scheme has enabled a growing solar PV installer base and reductions in installation costs. A healthy market for domestic solar PV benefits homeowners through choice and value, in addition to the free electricity, they are generating for their homes. At the same time, it is vital that homeowners are guided to invest in appropriately sized solar systems. Oftentimes solar PV is not the best first choice for a home energy upgrade. These changes reflect the learnings from the scheme to date and will rebalance our support to this market in a targeted and appropriate manner.


I would like to install solar PV in my home but I’m not yet ready to commence works. What should I do?

If you are thinking of installing a solar PV system and have not yet started, you can find a list of registered contractors on www.seai.ie.  Once your home has a BER rating of C or better or will have after the PV is installed, then you can apply for grant approval before you commence works. You will have 8 months to complete the works and submit your declaration of works to receive the grant under the new scheme.

It was already a requirement to undertake a post-works BER assessment as part of the solar PV scheme. It may be that you already have a BER for your home, check here using your MPRN from your electricity bill https://ndber.seai.ie/pass/ber/search.aspx