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Technical assessment for SEAI heat pump grant

SEAI grants for the installation of Heat pump systems in existing homes.

Heat pump system grant values

Heat Pump system type Grant value
Air to water € 3,500
Ground source to water € 3,500
Exhaust Air to water € 3,500
Water to water € 3,500
Air to Air € 600
Technical assessment € 200
Final BER € 50

Heat pump grant process

Before applying for a heat pump system grant, you must engage an independent, SEAI Registered Technical Advisor.

AE solutions SEAI registered Technical Advisor will carry out a technical assessment of your home and guide you on what steps to take to make your home “heat pump ready”, i.e. to reduce the heat loss in your home.

We can produce a report that will provide recommendations on what is required to comply with the criteria set out for the Heat pump grant process (Heat loss indicator or HLI ≤ 2.00 w/k m2)

The aim of this requirement and the recommendations is to minimise heat loss through your building fabric so that the heat pump can function efficiently and be effective in heating the dwelling.

The required heat loss level is expressed as a Heat Loss Indicator(HLI)

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What is the Heat Loss Indicator? (HLI)

Domestic heat pump heating systems are most efficient when they operate in a dwelling with low fabric and ventilation heat losses. This enables them to operate at lower space heating distribution temperatures and to meet most or all the space and water heat demand. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for the installation of a Heat Pump System funded by the Better Energy Homes programme for the dwelling to have a suitably low level of fabric and ventilation heat loss.

The metric used to determine if the dwelling has sufficiently low fabric and ventilation heat loss is the Heat Loss Indicator (HLI). Heat Pump Systems will only be eligible for the Better Energy Homes Grant when installed in dwellings meeting the following condition: HLI ≤ 2.00 w/k m2

The Better Energy Homes scheme offer a €200 grant towards the Technical Assessment of your home, with this grant only payable in conjunction with the heat pump system grant going ahead.

Heat pump specification

If you are pricing heat pumps please ensure you are aware of the following:

Make sure the heat pump you are purchasing is tested to I.S. EN 14825 and I.S. EN 16147

The heat pump supplier is required to provide the following:

  • Heat pump Eco-design test performance documentation to
    relevant standards/regulations/directives
  • The designer/installer sign off sheet heat pump and dwelling the dwelling
  • SR50 calculations demonstrating a lower design flow temperature for space heating
    other than the default values calculated by DEAP

This information is required to complete the BER certification failure to provide this documentation will result in the use of default values being used for the efficiency of the heat pump and will have a negative effect on the final BER.